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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Azerbaijan bought the 1st place in Eurovision

The crisis is in bloom for a long time in Azerbaijan. 30-40% of the population earns their money outside the country. Country produces oil and revenues from the sales are large enough to qualitatively revive the economy but this does not happen, and most of the remaining population barely makes ends meet. This is a general crisis of power, not an economic one.

It is easier to give a little "bread and circuses” to their people who live in poverty while the president’s clique is in vast wealth. All these victories in Eurovisions, including Safura’s victory this year and the national flags half the size of the boulevard have all one aim to show how triumphant is Azerbaijan with their ruling regime.

So, Europeans will basically be supporting these morons by giving their votes to Safura this year. But she’ll definitely win this year despite that the poor people are going to wait for the promised economic miracle for another decade or two. Only the morons in power will get benefits by giving their poor population the entertainment of might and power of the regime.

This week I posted my views on this in a thread on Azerbaijan entry to Eurovision this year in a hope that people will listen and provide their argumentative replies on this. Instead, they were trying to shut me down as it is commonly practiced in Azerbaijan today. I know that they love Azerbaijan; but I believe they only have to prove it not to me. After all, in essence Azerbaijan needs their help but they do not help Azerbaijan by assisting dictators in their show of another victory by the regime.

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  1. Lena from Germany is the convincing victor with her song Satellite, ahead of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel and host nation Norway. I only worry some corrupt conspiracy from a country like Azerbaijan will ruin the prospects of a German triumph this year. Eurovision was intended to bring us all together but instead if there are countries buying their victory then it makes it manifestly clear how far apart we all are. Hope just immensely that Lena wins this year. She definitely deserves this victory.