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Friday, June 5, 2009

Baku is a Horrible Place!

Please save yourself from racial and social tensions and DO NOT go to Baku. People are extremely rude. There are no places to go there. The Caspian sea stinks very badly. The streets are full of thrash and wholesale plastic bags, poly bags. The service is slow. They overcharge the bill and lie about the prices on the dishes. The food is below average. They have selective service. They are very disrespectful towards females and people that are not from the same background. They ignore foreigners. Asking for the bill twice is a normal thing to do in their restaurants and it takes half an hour for the bill to come. The worst experience ever there and will NEVER go there again.

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After living and working in Baku for the last 4 years. I can honestly say its the most unfriendly place i have ever been. The streets are filthy and the buildings are horrible. The people are always trying to steal or con money from you. My opinion is if you dont have to go then dont!!!!! This will never be a tourist destination as there is nothing to do or see. Please take my advice and steer clear

Do NOT Go!

I came to Baku, Azerbaijan with an open mind and a positive attitude. Although I love the people, this is not a beautiful city; anyone who tells you that it is, is either lying or hasn't been to too many other cities in our beautiful world. The air pollution is terrible--I haven't smelled clean, fresh air since I've been here. There ...


I've been living here in Baku for the past year and, while it is a decent city and a tourist could visit and see everything in one day, it is not ideal for trying to work here as an expat. The cab drivers assume, because you are foreign, they can lie to you about how much a taxi costs. The waiters have NO IDEA what the words "customer ...


Ilham Aliyev Finally Admits Azerbaijan Practiced Ethnic Cleansing in Karabakh

Ilham Aliyev Finally Admits Azerbaijan Practiced Ethnic Cleansing in Karabakh

In a daring statement, Azeri President Ilham Aliyev admitted for the first time that the expulsion from Karabakh of tens of thousands of ethnic Armenians in the 1990s was a “fascist” act, Reuters reports.

Azerbaijan most corrupt

Russia falls into the second most corrupt group of countries, along with Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya and Mongolia. In those countries, 23-49 percent of respondents admit to giving bribes.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baku, Ankara cause regional instability

Recent statements by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davutoglu can serve as a vivid example. These misters neglected subordination and political tact, stated openly that Karabakh problem is Turkey’s problem as well.

Violating all norms of the international law, Turkey closed the border with Armenia. Azerbaijan still denied the right of Karabakh poeple to self-determination. It’s Ankara and Baku leaders, who destabilize the region with a purpose to maximally damage Armenia’s interests.


Azerbaijan's aggression against Armenia

Azerbaijan's aggression against Armenia poses serious threat to peace and stability in the region, said the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen during his meeting with the President of the Republic of Armenia Sergh Sargsian on May 26, BBC news reports.


While the Ambassadors of Armenia and Azerbaijan to Russia Armen Smbatyan and Polad Bul Bul have been planning to pay a peace visit to Nagorno-Karabakh, the Azeri Ambassador’s private residence has been attacked by some unknown people, “Hayq” says.

In 2007 by the initiative of the Ambassadors of Armenia and Azerbaijan a group of Armenian and Azeri intellectuals visited Stepanakert, Yerevan and Baku. Currently the Ambassadors themselves plan to pay a peace visit to Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

“In the aftermath of the previous visit a small shadow of hope felt the hearts of our people,” Armen Smbatyan told “Regnum”. The Ambassador emphasized that those visits are not aimed to replace the negotiating processes anyhow.

It is believed that the Azeri Ambassador’s residence was attacked by coation, as the Ambassador’s initiative to pay a visit to Nagorno-Karabakh is not welcome by Azeri who say that the visit is under Armenians interests.


Father shoots at son in Azerbaijan’s Ganja City

Yashar Bilen Aliyev, 54 shot at his son Javid Aliyev, 15.

Ammunition in Ganja, Azerbaijan

Armed gangs of young people in Ganja freely walk with weapons and ammunition in the public, the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan reports. The origin of the ammunition seems to be from Pakistan that is self-sufficient in arms and ammo production.

Foreigner robbed in Baku

A foreigner has been robbed in the Yasamal district of Baku, sources in the Yasamal police station of Baku report.

Elections more than twice become tradition in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijani parliament received draft law on lifting restriction imposed on election of Prosecutor General more than twice.

Azerbaijan: Media Under Growing Pressure

Authorities in Azerbaijan have closed down the joint office of two independent newspapers.

Officials say the closure was due to safety concerns with the building. Since then, National Security Ministry personnel have searched the offices of two independent newspapers. Police have confiscated files and equipment.