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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Azeri lie about Khojali tragedy

The Azerbaijani side, including official sources, is trying to resort to new falsifications to trample Armenians in the mud. Using pictures of the pogroms in Kosovo, a Kurdish child killed in a disaster and others, the Azeri side is trying to present them as proofs of the Khojali tragedy.

On February 24, the website was presented. The website is designed to expose similar falsification.

In the course of the presentation, the history of distortion of facts by Azerbaijani about the Khojali tragedy of 1992 was presented.

To expose the falsifications and misinformation by Azerbaijani, the Xenophobia Prevention Initiative created the website.

About 20 false pictures have been found. The Azerbaijani side used them to cause the international community to form a negative opinion on Armenians. Azerbaijani are using pictures of Kosovo pogroms of 1999 or presenting the picture of the same dead body with hair and then scalped.

The lists of victims have been falsified by Azerbaijan’s government agencies. Specifically, the name of one person is spelled in different ways as though it were several people. NGO’s exposures are based on Azerbaijani sources.

The Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum – Institute Hayk Demoyan provided the results of his surveys to the website. Specialists from Public Relations and Information Center, RA Presidential Staff, rendered their assistance to the project.

The website has Russian, English and Azerbaijani versions. The French, German and Persian versions will be available soon.

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